Advantages of using NCCS to collect Debt on your behalf is more than just convenient.
Electronic Handover Of Debtors

For convenience, all debtors are uploaded electronically, and no hard copies are required for initial handover.

Automated Notices

After the accounts have been imported into our system a notice is sent to debtors by text message. Subsequent thereto, reminders are sent on a regular basis to remind debtors to pay their outstanding debts.


We utilize all available forms of communication to engage with debtors including contact via telephone, text messages, e-mail, facsimile and mail..

Debtor Profiling

Debtors are profiled to ensure that the best possible means of communication is used to approach each debtor thereby ensuring that payments are successfully collected. Debtors under debt counselling, and administration are also managed on behalf of our clients.

Credit Bureau Listing

Our clients reserve the right to instruct us to list debtors on the Credit Bureau if no payment is received.

Debtor Locating

In the event that contact details are no longer valid, the debtor will be traced using the database of the Credit Bureau of South Africa.

Client Reporting

On or before the 5th of each month all collected funds are transferred electronically and remittance will be sent to our client, listing all payments received on their behalf. Client reports are generated electronically, thereby ensuring their accuracy and are available in pdf format.

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